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About Us

About Us

Hi Friends,

I'm P. Bhaiswar, want to share my own experience, want to make you updated with what is going on in the education, Taxation and many more....

If you go several years back. You might see teachers teaching traditionally on the blackboard, But, we, being the teachers of 21st Century, cannot adopt the same way. Hence, I made many teaching learning materials which can help you while you teach your students in your schools. These materials are based on Digital Teaching. You can easily download them from the "Download" section.

It's obvious, Taxation, to some extent, is a difficult subject for everyone. But, let's make it easier from this platform. I'll try to send you updated information, Due dates, Articles, Meaning of all the notifications, messages that we receive from Income Tax department and many things about Income Tax.

You shall go to Important websites directly through my website. Conveniently, You can convey me to add the names and addresses of the always visiting sites. I can make it available for you on my website.

Your suggestions are very much important for me. Don't hesitate to correct me if I am wrong in any manner.

Thanking you.........